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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 24, 2022

A Children's book...for everyone?: Author Marisa Nicely on her new book "Ezer the Bagel, the Rescue."

A Children's book...for everyone?: Author Marisa Nicely on her new book
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Claremont-ers love their dogs; they go everywhere with them, and during a trip through the village, not seeing one being walked would be odd.  Among those, few are more famous and beloved than "Ezer the Bagel", the star of a new book series from parent, teacher of 30+ years and new author Marisa Nicely. 

Marisa/Ezer's new book is one of those rarities that both entertain but also carry an important and profound message that helps children with important life skills, such as: self worth, awareness of self and others, resilience, courage, caring and purpose.  Marisa recounts the highlights of her journey to fulfilling her lifelong goal of writing children's books, and this first volume completely validates that effort.  "The Rescue" already has readers asking for more; the second book is written, due to publish in the spring.   Expertly illustrated and carrying a strong message anyone can enjoy, "Ezer the Bagel" is destined to becoming a "must-have" addition to any family's library.

Marisa's stories of her life, her journey to this point and then how the book came to be are beyond engaging, but second only to reading the book itself - preferably aloud to others.  Marisa and Ezer are welcome visitors when they do "story time" at schools, libraries and for "kids of all ages" - such as those at Pilgrim Place.   Enjoy the episode and the book, and share both with everyone you know,  If you tell Marisa and Ezer how much you enjoyed both, you'll get a big smile and an enthusiastic tail-wag, respectively,  guaranteed.

Contact Marisa through Ezer's website: https://www.ezerthebagel.com/contact
To book a visit with Marisa and Ezer: https://www.ezerthebagel.com/book-visit

OR...Contact Marisa and Ezer By
email: hello@ezerthebagel.com
Visit them on
Instagram (@ezerthebagel)
pages to keep current on what they're doing and where they'll be.

Visit 42nd Street Bagels in Claremont for a delicious "Ezer" Bagel Dog

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Barnes & Noble
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Powell's City of Books
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Ezer and Marisa

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