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Oct. 11, 2022

Aging Well means Living Well - the right resources can make the difference; AgingNext CEO Abby Pascua on optimally managing aging.

Aging Well means Living Well - the right resources can make the difference;  AgingNext CEO Abby Pascua on optimally managing aging.

Aging is the one thing that everyone has in common, and does constantly, every day.  Being aware of what's available to you is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

At AgingNext, CEO Abby Pascua and her experienced and dedicated team are among Claremont's hidden gems in that their entire focus is on supporting and improving the quality of life as people get older.  Describing her work as her purpose and calling - something she know is what she's meant to do - Abby recounts her path with AgingNext from receptionist to CEO, and highlights the thousands of instances of help she and AgingNext have been over the years, and how they tirelessly continue to do more, for more.

Abby's statistics on the number of meals delivered, transportation provided and other services selflessly given to the people of Claremont and surrounding cities are both admirable and a bit astonishing.  Understanding how they support and improve the quality of life for so many should prompt one to investigate AgingNext further and learn more about the resources available - for when the time comes, if not at the present.

Everyone should listen to this episode, as everyone will need some help someday - and Abby and her staff at AgingNext would be very glad to simply explain the benefits available, even if not for now, but for when the time comes.  After listening, contact AgingNext, ask for information, and tell Abby how much you enjoyed her episode - a huge smile is guaranteed.
AgingNext is located  at 141  Spring Street Claremont CA 91711
Contact Abby and her staff at:
(909) 621-9900
(909) 741-7296
Email: hello@agingnext.org
Website:  www.agingnext.org

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