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Claremont Speaks
July 2, 2022

Al Fresco Edition @ Friday Night Live: Four brave souls take a turn speaking their minds.

Al Fresco Edition @ Friday Night Live: Four brave souls take a turn speaking their minds.
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Claremont Speaks - Al Fresco Editioncontinues with four brave souls accepting the invitation to speak their minds at a couple of Friday Night Live events in the village.  

  • Luisdescribes his  experience in Azusa regarding their Metrolink Stop.
  • Robin reminisces about the role Rhino Records played in her youth.
  • "Barbara"(her pseudonym) describes the direction Claremont is going
  • Selina, of Selina and the Wolf - popular musicians at many Village venues - reveal a bit about themselves, their career goals, and their original music.

Enjoy the discussions with the people you see every day.  Better yet, be a guest on Claremont Speaks.  The objective of the Al Fresco Edition is to give "everyday people" a better, more convenient way to speak their minds, in their own words and voice.  Look for me in the bright red Claremont Speaks T-shirt this weekend at the July 4th festivities.  Please don't hesitate to say hello.  If you have something you want to say to Claremont, the microphones will be at the ready - don't be shy.  If you prefer to arrange a specific time, either arrange it on-site or email russ@claremontspeaks.com or claremontspeaks@gmail.com, or visit claremontspeaks.com and use the guest forms there.

Enjoy the episode and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Feedback, questions, comments, constructive criticism are all welcomed and encouraged.
Send to claremontspeaks@gmail.comwith Feedbackin the subject line, or go to the appropriate page on Claremont Speaks' website - https://www.claremontspeaks.com

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Claremont Speaks' goal is to provide Claremont's people, businesses, charities, political organizations and active citizens/coalitions an improved venue for speaking out, and being heard in their own words and voice. 

To become a guest speaker on Claremont Speaks, please either email russ@claremontspeaks.comand/or fill out the Claremont Speaks Guest Intake Form and clarify the issues or topics about which you wish to speak.  There are very few restrictions nor limits on topics, time, even language...which is counter to what is offered at City meetings and similar public events.