Claremont Speaks
Nov. 24, 2020

"Born a Dodger Fan..." Patricia Havens talks to Jed and Russ about being a lifelong Dodger fan.

Patti Havens, born near Dodger Stadium as it was being built, reveals how she became a serious Dodger fan in her youth, her favorite Dodger experiences and games, and a surprisingly thorough and deep knowledge of the teams, the players, what it takes to be a Dodger. She offers additional insight with her review of the 2020 team and her predictions for the 2021 season.   This enjoyable and personal conversation shows what the Dodgers have meant to her for decades, and her thoughtful, studied insights into the team and players exhibit a level of fan-dom that makes her a "Top 1-percenter" by any measure.  Give this a listen, learn a little, enjoy a lot.