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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 23, 2022

Can Claremont's Small Businesses Compete Against the Malls and "Big-Box" Stores? Matt Zertuche, CEO of Paymintz Merchant Processing, explains how.

Can Claremont's Small Businesses Compete Against the Malls and
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Claremont's business community is made up of many unique, specialized retail destinations and relatively few mega-corporate businesses; no "big-box" stores, no large malls, and few classic "fast food" establishments.  Claremont resident and entrepreneur Matt Zartuche, CEO of Paymintz Merchant Services Solutions,  set aside a few moments to explain how having the right set of business tools and support is essential in competing with the large businesses and optimizing what is an ideal environment for entrepreneurs, small retailers and other growing businesses.   

Running a small business is tough enough.  To be optimally competitive, most solo-preneurs and small, hardworking, clever business owners could use help with the innumerable important, but time-sucking tasks and headaches - payment processing, sales tax collection/reporting, and creating and growing one's on-line presence and sales volume, as a few examples.  Matt explains how automating and streamlining these processes frees the owners to build on the core strengths of their business, and provides an example of how one business increased their volume by several hundred percent.  These services also help enterprises classified as "high risk" - debt collection and cannabis/CBD products for example - get access to the kinds of financial services that they absolutely need and are often denied.

If only for the information and education, every small business is encouraged to listen to this episode.  Matt invites all to contact him (no obligation) - to answer any questions and learn how these products and services could be customized to render the absolute most from all your efforts. 

Spoiler Alert!  When you do meet with Matt: if you mention how much you enjoyed this episode, you may be at risk of getting a free beer.


Matt Zertuche
Paymintz Merchant Services
Website: Paymintz.net
For their contact form : https://paymintz.net/contact/
Phone: 310-770-7478
Email: mattzertuche@paymintz.net
To book an appointment: https://bookwithmemattz.as.me/schedule.php
Success story - Hall of Fame Baseball Cards: https://paymintz.net/paymintz-merchant-services-hall-of-fame-baseball-card-shop/

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