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Claremont Speaks
June 2, 2022

Cannabis Dispensaries - Are they right for Claremont? William Kaufman presents the many upsides to allowing local outlets.

Cannabis Dispensaries - Are they right for Claremont?  William Kaufman presents the many upsides to allowing local outlets.
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Bill Kaufman, a veteran of military service, running and launching several successful businesses and now a spokesperson for Red Workshop LLC, joined Claremont Speaks to discuss how Claremont could benefit considerably by allowing a limited number of cannabis dispensaries to do business in the city.  Mr. Kaufman states his case, using real-world examples from surrounding cities, bringing to light a wealth of data, facts and figures regarding the very real and measurable upsides to allowing a few dispensaries to do business in Claremont. 

Among Mr. Kaufman's points in his proposal, he outlines that with only a few business in the city, Claremont could add over 100 jobs to the community and improve the city's General Fund by millions of dollars per year.  He cites evidence that "legit' dispensaries providing laboratory tested and sealed, proven additive-free product is both far safer for the user and better for the surrounding community than the random-grade, non-regulated, illegals sellers' products - many of which contain just about any additive they like.  He outlines a myriad of other topics, including keys to vetting applicants, choosing the right location, how having only a few, but top-flight businesses is to the citizens and the city's advantage, and much more.

Bill Kaufman brings an absolute avalanche of information, facts. figures and projections to the interview, most based on personal experience with dispensaries in surrounding cities.  For those who choose to consume, and equally for those who don't, his interview provides answers to many of the questions communities always have - and much more.  If and when Claremont decides to allow it - especially if it goes to a public vote - listeners will definitely be better able to make a more data-supported, logical and informed decision about whether this sort of business is right for Claremont.

To contact Bill Kaufman for more information, email: billpk2@aol.com 

For a PPT presentation on the Economic Impact of dispensaries in Claremont, click or go to: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1awrbFKA8YLJpmZXyYnmZO3xBwRqnk7y0/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=118195525172976554591&rtpof=true&sd=true

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