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Claremont Speaks
April 16, 2022

Claremont Educational Foundation's Immediate Past-President Deborah Kekone on CEF's many contributions & achievements.

Claremont Educational Foundation's Immediate Past-President Deborah Kekone on CEF's many contributions & achievements.
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"Claremont is an amazing place to live...so many opportunities here  to be involved in real and meaningful and impactful ways" is how Deborah Kekone, Claremont Educational Foundation's Immediate Past President, describes our vintage shire.  In this interview, Deborah recounts her path from visiting Claremont as a teenager to moving here and then becoming deeply involved and contributing to the Claremont community in a variety of volunteer, community-improvement programs.  Most notable among them is her leadership at the Claremont Educational Foundation, where she is currently one of the core team organizing and promoting the annual CEF Car Raffle event.

In the most recent years, the raffle has been a runaway success, selling out all 5000 tickets, and supporting CEF's mission "to protect and enrich quality public education in Claremont..." by donating the raffles' funds directly to the music, art and science programs in Claremont's public elementary, middle and high schools.  CEF's funding makes many key programs possible that could not otherwise exist, and has kept Claremont's fine teachers on staff during times when extremely tight budgets would not have been able to support them.  CEF's efforts have provided over $3.7 million to our schools over their three decades of service, maintaining the quality of the education Claremont's students receive, and adding measurably and directly to the value of living in Claremont.

Enjoy Deborah's sincere, inspiring and informative interview.  Then, go ahead, take a chance at winning a 2022 Chevrolet Equinox, Buick Encore, or GMC Terrain from this year's sponsors, Rotolo Chevrolet/Caposio Buick | GMC, and meeting legendary Dodger pitcher Orel Hirshiser as well.  Either way, don't hesitate to tell Deborah how much you liked her interview when you see her at a CEF function, City Council meeting, or any one of the many opportunities she takes to make Claremont a better place.

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