Claremont Speaks
April 2, 2021

Claremont potter/ceramists and musicians Mario Garcia - blind since birth, and Tandy Robinson discuss turning life's obstacles into opportunities.

Claremont Speaks often features those among us, from all walks of life, who are different, interesting and tenaciously working to achieve success on their own terms, whether in education, politics, business, the arts, or other pursuits.  This episode's guests have chosen paths not everyone does, nor would even think possible.  Mario Garcia, born blind, discusses what growing up without sight is like and how it really doesn't seem "different" or all that limiting to him, and how he has not let it hold him back from his interests in writing and playing music, appreciating things - such as hiking the Claremont Loop - in ways most people do not and enjoying creating pottery entirely using his sense of touch, among other topics.  Fellow potter/ceramist, musician, and friend Tandy Robinson discusses their shared interests in ceramics and music, highlights how she refused to let COVID curtail her creative pursuits, and expresses her sincere gratitude to the merchants, and spirit, of Claremont for all their help during this COVID period of stress we all hope is soon ending.  For those needing a booster shot of inspiration and motivation, this episode is a double-dose.