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Claremont Speaks
May 16, 2022

Claremont Speaks: al fresco Edition; Casual, entertaining and insightful conversations with Claremont visitors and residents.

Claremont Speaks: al fresco Edition; Casual, entertaining and insightful conversations with Claremont visitors and residents.
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In an effort to democratize being a guest on Claremont Speaks, we are trying an experiment: Claremont Speaks: al fresco Edition.  On May 13, 2022, our crack staff secured a position outside the Claremont City Hall at one of the concrete tables/benches and invited random passerby to stop and talk.  In four short, entertaining conversations, six brave individuals chose to capitalize on this unique opportunity to tell Claremont (and beyond) about themselves, their lives, their experiences, reasons for visiting The Village and what might propel their Claremont Village Experience to be best described as "goes to 11."

Enjoy the friendly and engaging casual repartee and learn a bit about how others view and enjoy Claremont - like which restaurant they just can't get enough of.  Then consider what you would like to discuss during yourvery own short-form Claremont Speaks: al fresco Edition interview..
Claremont Speaks' goal is to record each Friday and/or Saturday evening somewhere in The Village,  Target locations are to be near, but not directly at the Friday Nights Live events or other popular, high-visibility venues.  C'mon down, step up to the mic and tell Claremont whatever you've always wished you could.  To be a featured on-site guest, suggest topics or learn when/where the next episode will be, please email us at claremontspeaks@gmail.com.  Operators are standing by...

Feedback, questions, comments, constructive criticism are all welcomed and encouraged.
Send to claremontspeaks@gmail.comwith Feedbackin the subject line, or go to the appropriate page on Claremont Speaks' website - https://www.claremontspeaks.com

Claremont Speaks is a Paradise Road Media production. PRM is dedicated to helping you create, launch and produce your own podcast, allowing you to focus on being the creator while PRM does the rest. To explore using the power of your own podcast for your self or to promote your business, charity, political group...or any other reason...email paradiseroadmedia@gmail.com.

Claremont Speaks' goal is to provide Claremont's people, businesses, charities, political organizations and active citizens/coalitions an improved venue for speaking out, and being heard in their own words and voice. 

To become a guest speaker on Claremont Speaks, please either email russ@claremontspeaks.comand/or fill out the Claremont Speaks Guest Intake Form and clarify the issues or topics about which you wish to speak.  There are very few restrictions nor limits on topics, time, even language...which is counter to what is offered at City meetings and similar public events.