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Claremont Speaks
April 27, 2023

Claremont Streets For People: Making It Safe To Ride Or Walk In Claremont

Claremont Streets For People: Making It Safe To Ride Or Walk In Claremont
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Three members of the activist group Claremont Streets for People - Ross Pringle, Buff Brown, and Nic Lucio - took the opportunity to introduce themselves and the Streets for People group, then explain their strategy to reach their goal of making the city and its streets safer and more enjoyable.  As strong advocates for bike and pedestrian safety, they put forth how residents have a proven pent-up demand for cycling in Claremont, and that safer streets would help  achieve that, along with a multitude of collateral upsides, including the benefits of exercise, lowering congestion, reducing transportation and living costs, and increasing the amount of economic activity in the city.  

As long-time cyclists and Claremont residents, they are stakeholders - as are most residents and visitors to the city  - in increasing bike ridership, much as has been done in Culver City, for example,  The progress and improvements are directly attributable to many factors, including smart, focused leadership and bike-conscious street and thoroughfare engineering.   Streets for People hopes to help change Claremont by breaking California's long-time focus on moving cars at the expense of cyclists and pedestrians.  

The group invites everyone to join them, in any capacity, to help elevate Claremont to becoming and inspiration and aspirational standard in this regard.  There is conclusive and convincing evidence that this can be done, and is well worth the efforts.  Visit their website, attend  their monthly meetings and find out how you can be a part of one of the most essential  and beneficial changes Claremont can make. 




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CLICK HEREto Sign up to join this important and timely movement

Help make Streets for People a reality in Claremont! Next Meeting - May 8 @ 7 PM

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