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April 8, 2023

Claremont's AB 1482 Tenant Protection and Rent Stabilization Ordinances - Can they be FAIR to ALL?

Claremont's AB 1482 Tenant Protection and Rent Stabilization Ordinances - Can they be FAIR to ALL?
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Assembly Bill 1482 (“TENANT PROTECTION ACT OF 2019″) and Claremont's proposed ordinances, which could further enhance the level of tenant protection provided, have presented Claremont's City Council with some unique opportunities and some difficult decisions.  Katie Wand, the city's Assistant to the City Manager, is one of the key researchers on this topic and chief organizer of Claremont's public outreach efforts on this matter.  Katie and the City's staff have made every effort to reach out to those most affected by these ordinances, all to support fact-based, fair and reasonable recommendations to the council.   Katie was able to bring the benefit of her exhaustive efforts to Claremont Speaksto break down and explain the many issues and collateral effects surrounding the ordinances, should they be enacted in the last council meeting of April 2023.

Landlords, tenants and, really, any residents who are directly or indirectly affected by these ordinances owes it to themselves to listen to Katie's unbiased and straightforward discussion of the bill, ordinances and their many possible affects to all involved.  After listening, please take a moment to accept her emphatic invitation to contact the city to contribute your own preferences and perspectives.

How to learn more and be heard:

A dedicated webpage was created, including an interest list form
that anyone is able to sign up for to receive the latest updates from
the City.  City of Claremont Tenant Assistance Website:


AB 1482 Bill Text:

LA County Tenant Protections:

Board of Supervisors’ Decision to end COVID-related tenant protections:

And inarguably one of the most useful and informative websites on AB 1482 and the housing situation in general:
2021 SCAG Report: Pre-Certified Local Housing Data
SCAG So Cal Atlas:

And don't hesitate tocontact Katie Wand by email:

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