Claremont Speaks
Dec. 25, 2020

"Claremont's DSCC Representatives - insights at a granular level" Interview with Joe Salas, Phalana Tiller, Larissa Marie Cursaro and Josue Barnes

The Claremont representatives of the ADEM/DSCC - the California Democratic Party's 41st Assembly  District - discuss and explain the positives and the opportunities for adding value and effecting change for the better.  In this episode, Phalana Tiller, Joe Salas, Larissa Marie and Josue Barnes take a deep dive into who they are, what motivates them, their goals and their visions for Claremont and the district.  Each of the candidates provides illumination regarding what they expect to accomplish and the key improvements that they aim to accomplish when, with Claremont's help, they are chosen to represent the city and the district to the elected state legislature.  This episode is key to truly understanding their what drives them and the changes that they seek to accomplish, and is essential to everyone considering voting for representation.