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Feb. 23, 2023

Claremont's Parklets: To Keep or Not to Keep? Claremont City Staff's Katie Wand highlights the rules and trade-offs.

Claremont's Parklets: To Keep or Not to Keep?  Claremont City Staff's Katie Wand highlights the rules and trade-offs.

The issues that come before the City Council in Claremont are often complex, nuanced with underlying rules, considerations and trade-offs of which most citizens are unaware.  Whether to keep Claremont's parklets is no exception. 

Katie Wand, Claremont Staff's Assistant to the City Manager, offers up the results of her research, highlighting the many facets involved in whether Claremont keeps their  Parklets - the outdoor dining areas permitted and built as a measure to allow restaurants to continue operation during the COVID pandemic. 

Many of the patrons of Claremont's Village have come to like the outdoor dining experience they provide, but not everyone is looking to keep the parklets in perpetuity.  Now that regulations regarding emergency measures due to COVID are sunsetting, the decision to keep, remove or construct a compromise regarding the parklets comes before the City Council.

Ms. Wand does an expert and detailed deep-dive into the subject, revealing the many considerations, rules and regulations which will affect the parklets ongoing presence, versus returning to pre-pandemic form.

However you feel about the parklets, this episode is a "must listen" to fully understand the requirements, costs and benefits involved in the ongoing success of the outdoor dining experience many now enjoy.
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