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Feb. 5, 2023

Common Good International Film Festival 2023: Unique and powerful movies that provoke thought, create questions.

Common Good International Film Festival 2023: Unique and powerful movies that provoke thought, create questions.
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Claremont is regarded by many as "where you go for what you can't get anywhere else", which only starts to describe the offerings at 2023's Common Good International Film FestivalAfter a COVID-related hiatus, the festival is returning , better than ever.  Festival leaders, eloquent spokespeople (and mega-movie-fans) Jeremy Fackenthal and Jim Fahey share the purpose and goals of the festival and its sponsor, The Center for Process Studies.  Jeremy and Jim provide highlights about the festival's genesis and over twenty year history, discuss its current iteration and do a deep-dive preview of several of the "don't miss" movies being showcased.  Especially interesting is the explanation of how and why the 10 movies that are to be shown, February 17-20 at the Laemmle Theater,were selected.
Aiming for more than just entertainment, the festival's film choices are intended to leave one thinking long after the movie is over, and aims to raise questions about the topic and story...which can be discussed after the film in an open forum, in some cases with the directors themselves.
For those searching for a higher level, unique and an thought provoking movie experience, this year's Common Good International Film Festivalis sure to be the holy grail you seek.
Visit Common Good Films:

And Jim Fahey's Blog, which includes more insights and reviews of current cinematic offerings, including The Festival's movies:

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