Claremont Speaks
Jan. 25, 2021

"Composting For Dollars" - For your consideration...alternatives to paying for compostable waste recycling.

At the January 12, 2021, City Council Meeting, a proposal for a pilot program was made to evaluate the viability of collecting and delivering Claremont's Green Waste to Athens/American Organics and forking over $85/ton to get them to take it.  In this episode, Russ presents a few ideas that could turn the expense into a considerable revenue opportunity.  The plan suggests a collaborative alternative that would help the homeless, Claremont's students, reduce pollution, fill The City's General Fund coffers so that Claremont can cover its expenses, and restore programs that may have been cut due to budget shortfalls.  As a bonus, it could make Claremont an example to surrounding cities.  Please listen and take a moment to respond by writing to claremontspeaks@gmail.com.