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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 9, 2022

"Conserve, Recycle, Reuse and Innovate": Javier Aguilar, Candidate for Director, Division III, of Three Valleys Municipal Water District on values, strategy and direction for the future.

In the November 2022 election, to Claremont and La Verne,  the contest for Director, Division III, of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District may be one of the most important.  Seeking to take the area into the future is Javier Aguilar, an experienced and highly educated Senior Regional Planner with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  Javi has analyzed the data surrounding our current water situation - declining supply and prices rising faster than incomes - and believes, for the future, there are changes that can and need to be made.  In this very candid interview, Javi - self-described as non-political and practical - outlines his vision for innovation and taking new directions will provide the needed solutions to our dilemma.  He brings to light remedies at the local and regional levels, looking at breaking away from the practices of the past and treating the water that we have like the valuable resource it inarguably is.

Recorded in one of Claremont's most popular, if not acoustically friendly restaurants, the ambient noise affected the sound quality.  However, it did not tarnish Javi's core messages in the least.  In answering each question, his interest, his knowledge and his passion for serving the community where he grew up comes through with crystal clarity.  This episode is another must-listen for those who understand how water is one of the most fundamental components to the quality of life here and want to make an informed decision - and have a voice - on the direction(s) to be taken in the years...generations, really...to come.  After listening, suggest to your friends they listen as well, and contact Javi with your questions, concerns or just to tell him how much you enjoyed this interview.

And then be sure to vote.  Regardless of your choice, please exercise your right to be heard and vote.
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