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Claremont Speaks
Nov. 4, 2021

Dodger Requiem - Steve Haskins and Jed Leano review the 2021 Dodger's Exciting Ride to the Playoffs

Dodger Requiem - Steve Haskins and Jed Leano review the 2021 Dodger's Exciting Ride to the Playoffs

Claremont Speaks gets a much-needed jump-start from two of Claremont's best and brightest Dodger and baseball fans, Steven Haskins and Jed Leano, respectively.  Even though the Dodgers didn't ascend to the World Series this year, it was an extraordinary season of highs and lows driven by unforeseen events, trades, management strategy, injuries and more.  But, in the end, 2021 rendered one of the Dodger's most entertaining seasons of first-rate baseball.  Steven Haskins, who very likely knows more about the Dodgers than many of those on the team , joins Jed Leano, whose interest in baseball's inner workings on and off the field borders on redefining the term fan, join Russ on the program to review the 2021 season, make some predictions and forecasts for next year, and provide an unparalleled level of insightful detail and entertainment.   For those who bleed Dodger Blue or simply relish the game in general, this episode is custom-made for you.  Enjoy!

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