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Claremont Speaks
May 11, 2023

Does the Claremont Unified School District Need a Doctor? Dr. Alex McDonald, CUSD District Four Candidate, believes so, and shares his perspectives on improving Claremont's schools - for everyone.

Does the Claremont Unified School District Need a Doctor?  Dr. Alex McDonald, CUSD District Four Candidate, believes so, and shares his perspectives on improving Claremont's schools - for everyone.
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There is a direct relationship between the value of living in Claremont and the quality of Claremont's schools.   In an effort to maintain and strengthen that link, Alex McDonald MD is  running for Claremont Unified School District (CUSD) in the Special Election for Trustee, District 4 to be held on July  25, 2023.   Alex was able to take a short break from his busy schedule as a CUSD parent and his practice as a family and sports medicine specialist to answer some of the most pressing questions about his perspectives, plans and strategies should he be elected.

In this very personal and forthright interview, Alex reveals that he, by personal experience, knows what it is like to be a patient with critical needs and a student with special educational requirements.  As a physician, more than most, he sees the direct and collateral results and benefits of a good education ,  as well as the disadvantages and damage that poor education can cause.  As a result, as CUSD's D4 Trustee, he can focus on solving the many crucial issues facing the students, faculty, administration and board.  Alex openly and honestly takes on a variety of very direct questions about the toughest current topics, such as critical race theory, gender identification, gun control and shooter/lock-down drills, childhood obesity and diabetes due to today's diet and exercise habits, drugs in the schools, and the immediate, if not crisis-level need for increasing the physical, emotional and mental health of our students. 

As a physician who has made a career of healing others, he believes that his education, experience and his many successes bring an extra layer of unique qualifications that he can apply directly to improving the quality and effectiveness of the education which CUSD students receive.  For anyone who has or, actually is, a student in the CUSD system, and especially if you are in District 4, this interview should be considered required listening before meeting him at a public meeting or Candidate Forum, and certainly before casting your vote.
For more information, visit Alex McDonald's CUSD campaign

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