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Claremont Speaks
April 10, 2022

Educator, art historian, and frequent star of Ancient Aliens, Dr. Deepak Shimkhada shares his extraordinary life's path and future pursuits.

Educator, art historian, and frequent star of Ancient Aliens, Dr. Deepak Shimkhada shares his extraordinary life's path and future pursuits.
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Claremont is privileged to have an abundance of extremely talented, highly educated and extraordinarily interesting people.  Few fit that description better than  Dr. Deepak Shimkhada; a long-time Nepali-American Claremont resident, a top-rated educator, talented artist and art historian/authority, author of over 20 successful books and an active community leader.   In this enlightening and enjoyable interview, Deepak describes his journey from his small, remote home town of Dharka, Nepal(under 1000 homes, no electricity), to schools in Kathmandu and Baroda, India.  Earning a Fulbright Scholarship, he moved to Los Angeles, where he attended USC and earned a Masters Degree in the arts.  He later came to Claremont - liking it because it reminded him of home - and earned his PhD in Education at Claremont Graduate University.  Since then, he has been a professor at several local colleges including The Claremont School of Theology, and now serves and an adjunct professor at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

In this interview filled with the details of his unique life-path, academic and travel experiences, all interjected with his signature sense of humor, Deepak also relates how he became a renowned expert in Himalayan art to the Hollywood Stars and appears frequently as an expert guest on The History Channel's Ancient Aliens, The Unexplainedand Netflix's 72 Dangerous Animals - Asia.  Many will find interesting his current research, translation and imaging projects as well.  While enjoying this fascinating interview, visit the links below to get a full sense of Deepak's wealth of knowledge and range of experience.  Deepak is a perfect example of the diverse, talented, educated and effortlessly interesting people in Claremont - whom can often be found, as I did, by simply taking a walk in one's neighborhood.


Dr. Shimkhada's website

Pomona College’s Rembrandt Club - Deepak's journey as an artist

University of the West’s public talk about the goddess

Visit Dr. Shimkhada on Facebook

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