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Claremont Speaks
Sept. 1, 2022

Employment Means Success! Kari Anderson, EMS' CEO, relates how EMS helps those who want to work become employed...and invites all to their Labor Day Car Show

Employment Means Success! Kari Anderson, EMS' CEO, relates how EMS helps those who want to work become employed...and invites all to their Labor Day Car Show
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In one of the most informative yet casual, conversational and sometimes tangential interviews, Kari Anderson, the CEO of Employment Means Success, describes her path to starting her own company, the often life-changing assistance they provide people who want to go to work, despite challenges and disabilities - such as blindness - and then invites everyone to attend their EMS Labor Day Car Show, Sept. 3, 2022,in Upland. 

In the soft summer breezes blowin' through the shady green trees(es) - in Studio Sotto Gli Alberion - on a recent Sunday morning,  Kari was able visit with Claremont Speaks and chronicle her path from high school on, relating some of the hurdles and character building challenges along the way to starting EMS, and then share some of their key successes in the 10 years they've been in business, helping over 600 people per year secure gainful employment and, in some cases, put their lives on a better trajectory.

EMS Inc. helps individuals obtain and retain jobs of their choice.  They create cover letters, customized resumes, coaching and even organize special accommodations - everything related to going to work.   They help to secure interviews and teach techniques to do well once employed.  Kari's passion for helping people change the course of their lives by seeking and landing jobs they really want - but might encounter hurdles getting - shows through in every minute of her interview.  Her quick humor and effortless likability make learning about the decade of extraordinary good EMS has contributed to the community a real pleasure, and should make it easier for those who can use EMS' help to contact Kari for assistance.

Additionally, Kari invites everyone to attend the EMS Labor Day Car Show in Upland, Saturday September 3, 2022.  Over 80 cars are slated to attend, and there will be beer from everyone's favorite Last Name Brewery, Rescue Brewing Co. and Pro Five Brewery.  Rocking the place will be one of the best upbeat blues bands in the area  - the Mersey Brothers

Kari invites everyone to come have a beer, a burger, enjoy the music and some of the coolest cars around, bid on some great prizes at their auction, and help celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers who happen to live with a disability.  The proceeds from this event will help these individuals to retain gainful employment.

Join Kari and her team at EMS...and if you see Kari - easy to spot by her name tag among the many Team Members who will be sporting the fashion-forward EMS Car Show T-Shirt - tell her you liked her episode on Claremont Speaks and see if you can explore hiring one of the extraordinary individuals she helps. 


EMS Website

EMS Labor Day Car Show

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