Claremont Speaks
April 23, 2021

Eric Nelson, VP of Community Development with Trumark Homes, addresses Claremont's key concerns about the La Puerta Project,

Eric Nelson, Vice President of Community Development with Trumark Homes, answers many of Claremont's residents' key questions about the La Puerta Claremont Project in an open, and transparent interview.  The Planning Commission meetings' presentations and public comment functions provide a fair, however minimal, opportunity to communicate and possibly understand both sides of inarguably important issues.  Eric Nelson expands on the La Puerta Project's comments and questions with a level of depth and detail that simply cannot be achieved during the meetings.  In this cogent, comprehensive conversation/information exchange - which a project such as this truly deserves - Mr. Nelson explores many of the top concerns about the project and counters much of the misinformation that has been spread.  He sets the record straight on Trumark's vision of the project and its many benefits to Claremont USD, the city's youth sports programs, and the community in general.  For those who genuinely want to understand the project in full, this episode is required listening.