Claremont Speaks
April 14, 2021

"From Down Under to Downtown" - In depth interview with Adam Pirrie, Claremont's City Manager

Adam Pirrie discusses the high points of his multi-continent, multi-cultural, global journey to becoming Claremont's recently appointed City Manager.  He discusses the life lessons, opportunities, challenges, fate, and successes that brought him from South Africa to Perth, Australia, to Central California to earning the opportunity to become Claremont's City Manager.  Adam presents a candid and insightful look at his journey and subsequent introduction/surprises regarding American choice, culture and more that he encountered on the path to being one of Claremont's smartest and most approachable leaders - yet serving the core needs of being serious and fact-driven in his management of Claremont.  If one seeks to know the true person manning Claremont's tiller, this interview speaks volumes.