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Jeff Hanlon

Professor/ teacher/ water policy researcher

I am running for the Three Valleys Municipal Water District Board seat for Division 3. This covers Claremont and LaVerne. I would love to come on the podcast and talk water policy for our region and what my candidacy is about. I am running against a long tenured incumbent with whom I present a clear policy and ideological contrast. I am a professor of political science at Whittier college with a research specialty in water policy, and resident of Claremont.

Sept. 18, 2022

"We need a real climate change plan, or we are in trouble." Jeff Han…

Jeff Hanlon , a first-time candidate for Board Director of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD), Division 3, is is keenly concerned about the effects of climate change and how it will impact Claremont's water so...

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