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Claremont Speaks
June 26, 2022

Gun Violence Protest - Indivisible Claremont's members express themselves beyond their signs.

Gun Violence Protest - Indivisible Claremont's members express themselves beyond their signs.
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In another Al Fresco edition, Claremont Speaks went to the corner of Indian Hill and Foothill (Claremont's Protest Grounds of Choice) during the "Indivisible Claremont/March for Our Lives" demonstration by many of Claremont's dedicated activist citizens - some are or were teachers - about solving gun violence, controlling/eliminating assault rifles, our ineffective gun laws and enforcement, and the country's politicians who seemingly sub-optimize everything around their own self-interests over those that elected them. 

This is an inarguably important issue.  Listeners are invited and enthusiastically encouraged to join the discussion. To be a guest on Claremont Speaks, visit our website at
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Claremont Courier Article:

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March for Our Lives Website:

Note:  This was recorded outside, on a busy street corner, where horn-honking is encouraged.  At some points during the recording, the sound quality may suffer somewhat , and there may be evidence of an unfortunate but necessary edits.

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