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Claremont Speaks
Nov. 24, 2020

"Hey! We're talkin' DODGERS here...!!" - Jed Leano and Russ discuss the hunt for Claremont's Dodger Super-fan.

To take a "fun break" from politics and other serious issues, Claremont Speaks tried to find and talk to the most serious Dodger fans in the city.  Jed Leano, City Council member, lawyer, and full time seriously addicted baseball fan, joins Russ in "talkin' Dodgers" with the top three respondents.  
Each contender stepped squarely up to the plate and, in their own way and own words, completely slammed it over the wall, shattering the lights and into the parking lot.   These individual episodes are the highlights of the conversations, and reveal a depth and breadth of Dodger knowledge well beyond any expectations.   
Please enjoy this introduction, and then the following episodes with Patricia Havens, Murray Gilkeson and Steve Haskins, for the most personal and interesting, Dodger-centric conversations imaginable.

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