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May 17, 2023

Human Organs - Harvested in China, sold around the world: Dr. Wen Chen on the horrors of the CCP's organ harvesting industry.

Human Organs - Harvested in China, sold around the world: Dr. Wen Chen on the horrors of the CCP's organ harvesting industry.
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Sometimes the catalyst that drives an epiphany is almost accidental, yet can bring out the very best in people, and puts them on the course to what they are sure is their true purpose.   For Dr. Wen Chen, her awakening happened after a conversation with one of her colleagues regarding the events of Tiananmen Square, in 1989.  Until that conversation, she believed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) line; that nothing much had happened, and the students and people were the ones who attacked the soldiers.  After seeing the videos, she realized all she had been told had been a lie,  investigated further and discovered the limitless deceit and corruption of the CCP.

She simply could not do nothing.  After learning the truth - experiencing a kind of "awakening" - Dr. Chen is now actively educating people about the real conditions and practices in today's China.  Claremont Speaks was fortunate to have Dr. Chen tell her story to this point, then discuss the state of the situation in China today and the CCP's goals for the future.   Anyone who believes communism is, somehow, the better system, owes it to themselves to listen to Dr. Chen's recounting of the unbridled evil - murder for profit - which is conducted daily by the CCP.   Conservative estimates are that upward of 80 million lives have been taken by harvesting organs, which are then provided to the CCP's elite or sold to wealthy transplant patients in China, the US and around the world.

Dr. Chen has much more to tell, and Claremont Speaks would like to have her back.  She asked that listeners suggest what they would like to know about the real China, which will be the topic for her next visit.  Please contact us at Claremontspeaks@gmail.com or email Dr. Chen at wenchenspeaker@gmail.com

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