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Claremont Speaks
March 22, 2023

Human Trafficking & Prostitution in Claremont; Antonio Bestard, Local Top Defense Attorney, discusses reasons and real-world solutions.

Human Trafficking & Prostitution in Claremont; Antonio Bestard, Local Top Defense Attorney, discusses reasons and real-world solutions.
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Claremont: the city of trees, bees and PhDs.  Human trafficking and prostitution are not usually the first thing people associate with the city's name.  However, like nearly every other city in the US, Claremont has its share...

...and the problem is rapidly growing.

 Antonio Bestard is inarguably one of the area's top defense attorneys, especially among those focused on defending those accused of Human trafficking  and Prostitution, among other crimes.  He is one of only three Certified Specialists in Criminal Law, per the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization in the Pomona Valley.  His combined educational and trial experience - including trying over 400 criminal cases in over four decades as a Private Attorney - stands as testament to the authority and validity of the perspectives, analysis and suggested solutions he offers in this frank and cogent interview.

Mr. Bestard was kind enough fit an interview with Claremont Speaks into his otherwise full schedule to introduce himself further to the community, accurately describe the real situation at-hand and offer his own expert insights and real-world recommendations on how Claremont and its residents might begin to solve this complex and daunting problem. 

Claremont Speaks is taking a new direction.  Attorney Antonio Bestard's interview, where he freely and honestly shares the considerable value of his experience, and then offers his real-world recommendations on how Claremont can truly begin to mitigate this activity, is the perfect pivot-point.  This episode is a must-listen for everyoneconcerned with maintaining Claremont as the premium-quality community it is known - and continually strives - to be.  Please share this episode, and contact Antonio for more information and/or should the need arise.  If/when you do speak with him, please let him know how much you enjoyed his episode, and don't be shy about asking for another.


Antonio Bestard's office is located at
333 W. Mission Blvd.,
Pomona, CA 91776

Phone:  909-623-2629
Email:  antonio.bestard@gmail.com

Visit Antonio Bestard's website:
or his contact page

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