Claremont Speaks
Sept. 8, 2020

Interview with Claremont San Antonio High School Teachers Jessica Ly and Melissa Gaw

In an interview about the new programs, the accomplishments and culture of Claremont's Alternative San Antonio High School, Teachers Jessica Ly and Melissa Gaw discuss and highlight their path to becoming teachers at SAHS, their accomplishments, some of the key advancements they have helped institute at the school during their time there, and some of the special programs the school has started - including a Podcasting Class.  They relate the many ways learning to use the technology has benefitted the students - and teachers - and the long terms advantages and post-graduation benefits of these programs, all to promote a better understanding and appreciation for the work of the school's dedicated and creative staff.  These dedicated, creative and hardworking teachers illustrate why and how the education quality in Claremont is among the best, and can be directly correlated to the value of being a Claremont resident, and why San Antonia High School is a key part of that value proposition.