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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 18, 2021

Interview with Claremont Tutors' Mark Ralph (pt 2/2) and former tutor Baili Zhong, now an entrepreneur producing courses in Financial Literacy.

Interview with Claremont Tutors' Mark Ralph (pt 2/2) and former tutor Baili Zhong, now an entrepreneur producing courses in Financial Literacy.

In this second of two interviews with Mark Ralph, President of Claremont Tutors, one of their best tutors, Baili Zhong, joins the program to describe and discuss the next phase in pursuing his passion to help others improve their Financial Literacy.  Upon graduating from Claremont's Pomona College with a BS in Chemistry, Baili chose to pivot and turn his penchant and passion for math, finance and using his and his family's money to their own advantage, rather than to that of others.  In addition to being a CFO for a crypto-currency focused startup,  Baili has written, created and produced a video course teaching the basics of financial literacy; how compound interest can work for and against one, creating and staying on a budget, and choosing the best credit cards and using them to build wealth rather than diminish it, as a few examples. 

In his mid-teens, while living in Mississippi with his family who had recently come to the US from rural China, Baili recognized that fundamental financial literacy was not being taught in school, and observed it was absolutely essential to succeeding in America.  He immediately took it as his mission to learn all he could.  After doing so, and helping his family and college friends get better health care, reduce their debt and improve their credit scores, Baili saw the opportunity to help others and, at 22, is pursuing if full-force by creating, producing and offering this education in a virtual class, available to students of any age.
Listening to Mark and Baili recount, in their own genuine and relaxed conversational manner, some of his challenges and victories is enjoyable listening by itself.  However, listeners may experience the side effect of becoming inspired to take advantage of this course.  Anyone interested in having their money work for them for a change, and enjoy the easily quantifiable improvements in their finances and quality of life, should listen to this episode as their first step towards those goals.
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