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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 28, 2020

Interview with Claremont Tutor's President Mark Ralph, with Five-Star Rated Tutors Christine Ascher and Katie Callaci

Interview with Claremont Tutor's President Mark Ralph, with Five-Star Rated Tutors Christine Ascher and Katie Callaci

Of the many upsides of living in Claremont, few rival the quality and value of the education students receive in our schools.  This episode's featured guests, Claremont Tutors, are dedicated to, and passionate about helping students make the absolute most of this already considerable advantage.  In this open and honest conversation, Claremont Tutor's President, Mark Ralph and two of his dedicated, best and brightest, 5-star rated tutors -  Christine Ascher and Katie Callaci - reveal what drives them to become and continue to be tutors, how they engage and help students with autism and other special learning challenges, make the best of "distance learning", and earn the all-important trust of the students.  With real-life examples, they highlight how they instill and encourage each student's self-confidence,  assist them in achieving early and continuing successes including achieving honor-roll grades and provide an overview of the hurdles they encounter in helping their students reach their full potential.  If getting ahead, gaining a competitive advantage,  extracting the most value from Claremont's fine teachers and school system.  or simply releasing one's full potential is important to students and parents, then listening to this first in a 3-episode series should be a top priority.

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