Claremont Speaks
Oct. 29, 2020

Interview with Corey Calaycay - Incumbent Candidate for Claremont City Council, District 1

In an in-depth interview, current Council member and three-time mayor Corey Calaycay, the only incumbent in the current election, discusses his journey to first being elected over a decade and a half ago and the challenges, hurdles, and successes of his time serving Claremont on the City Council and as mayor.  He brings into sharp focus the underlying details of what it is really like to be in the position so many are seeking this November.  In the first face-to-face interview on Claremont Speaks, conducted outdoors one evening at Claremont's Iconic Walter's restaurant, listeners will be both completely captivated and informed by the fact-filled, open and honest conversation with Claremont's longest-serving council member.  Even if one is not voting in District 1 and certainly before casting one's ballot if they are, anyone who would like to genuinely understand what the City Council job is like, the perseverance and tenacity it takes just to be elected and the keys to being successful after the election; being fair, acting in Claremont's best overall interest, relationship-building and the fundamental work involved, - will find Corey's discussion of it all and more in this episode -  a "must-listen" for every Claremont resident and voter.