Claremont Speaks
Sept. 20, 2020

Interview with Eric Kaljumagi - Candidate for Citrus College (Claremont) Area 2 Board of Trustees

In an informative and articulate interview, twenty-one-year Claremont resident and Community College Association President Eric Kaljumagi reveals his background, unique and substantial experience, accomplishments, and many strong qualifications that support becoming the next Citrus College Board of Trustees member for Area 2.  He presents logical and cogent explanations, with supporting facts and figures, showing the considerable value Citrus College brings to Claremont's students, his understanding of, and plans for meeting the needs of those students, and how his steady progression of experience and responsibility at Mt. San Antonio College, combined with his clear vision and plans for the college's future uniquely qualify him as Claremont's best choice for the Area 2 Board of Trustees position.  Everyone voting this November, whether they are unclear of the value Citrus brings to Claremont or considering attending Citrus College, owes it to themselves to listen to Eric Kaljumagi in this episode.