Claremont Speaks
Sept. 14, 2020

Interview with Ethan Reznik - Candidate for City Council, District 1

In an extraordinary, engaging, and in-depth interview, Ethan Reznik, Candidate for City Council, District One, illustrates the unique value of his upbringing, his experience assisting in his family's bed & board care facility, his early political experience, and the strengths and benefits to Claremont of his education.  He explains his passion and purpose in taking on the challenges of running for election and the key objectives he will pursue, including improving the quality of life for Claremont's Seniors and our homeless population, solving the transportation and affordable housing problems Claremont faces and outlining a few creative ideas for the future of The Claremont Club.  All Claremont's residents owe it to themselves to listen to Ethan's episode, even if they are not in District One.