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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 20, 2020

Interview with Joseph Salas - Candidate for Citrus College (Claremont) Area 2 Board of Trustees

Interview with Joseph Salas - Candidate for Citrus College (Claremont) Area 2 Board of Trustees

Joe Salas, a Claremont resident for over 35 years, a continuously active contributor to the community, a tireless homeless advocate, and Special Education teacher has accepted the challenge to fill the vacancy in the Citrus College Board of Trustees as the Claremont/Area 2 representative.  In a conversational, thoughtful and informative interview, Joe describes his ideas, plans and unique visions for the future of Citrus College and Claremont's students.  Before marking their ballot, everyone who cares about the relationship/synergy between Claremont and Citrus College and in which direction it is going, should first listen to Joe's ideas and strategies for implementing a comprehensive education focused on supporting student success, and understand why he is confident he is the BoT member who can get it done.

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