Claremont Speaks
Oct. 2, 2020

Interview with Laura Bollinger - Candidate for Citrus College (Claremont) Area 2 Board of Trustees

Throughout an informative and engaging interview, Citrus College Area 2 Board of Trustees candidate Laura Bollinger -  a quarter-century Claremont resident and one of several Citrus College graduates in her family - brings light to how her depth of knowledge, valuable and enduring accomplishments, and hands-on experience in key roles with the Claremont Heritage, League of Women Voters, Claremont Library and LA Library Foundation, have been building blocks towards earning being elected to the open seat on the Board of Trustees.  Laura details her key objectives, including increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, among others, and how these will increase the value Citrus College brings to Claremont.  Every voter concerned with maximizing the contribution Citrus makes to Claremont's students and community should carefully listen to Ms. Bollinger's episode before finalizing their choice for the Citrus BoT position.