Claremont Speaks
June 10, 2021

Interview with Mel Boynton, an exemplary "Do-er", Claremont community activist, member of the United Nations Association and much more.

This episode features Mel Boynton, someone whom, at first look, most might say is an "average citizen."  In the relaxed and conversational interview, Mel touches on his worldwide travel experiences, passion for pursuing incrementally improving Claremont through local community activism, his contributions and accomplishments in bettering the community and world through the efforts of the Pomona Valley United Nations Association,  United Church of Christ,  the Claremont Democratic Club, the University Club along with other pursuits.  After listening to Mel relate his positive and constructive outlook and attitude, despite tragic loss in his life, combined with consistent constructive action, most will be inspired, motivated, understand that the term "average" simply does not describe Mel Boynton, and that being a force for change - whether it be large or small - is within everyone's reach.