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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 1, 2020

Interview with Randy Lopez, Executive Director of the Claremont Chamber of Commerce

Interview with Randy Lopez, Executive Director of the Claremont Chamber of Commerce

Randy Lopez, a long-time Claremont resident, business owner and Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce discusses his early years working locally and launching iconic businesses in Claremont, his professional successes and prevailing over very personal hurdles.  He relates how they all combine to drive him to help make Claremont's business community thrive and, as a result, strengthen Claremont's unique culture and lifestyle, and continue to make it a prime choice in which to live and work.  HIs discussion clarifies how the Chamber helps Claremont's businesses, visitors and residents, and why it is one of Claremont's most enduring and valuable assets.  After listening to Randy's episode, any entrepreneur thinking of starting up, bringing or growing a business in Claremont will understand why a visit to the Chamber should come first.

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