Claremont Speaks
Oct. 11, 2020

Interview with Sam Pedroza - Former long-time City Council Member and Twice Claremont Mayor

In Claremont, Sam Pedroza can be associated with many, many contributions to, and leadership positions within the City of Claremont; he has served/chaired on the Claremont Community Services Committee and the Youth Sports Facility Commission, was the first Latino to be elected to the City Council and served twice as Mayor.  He continues his stream of contributions as President of the Democratic Club of Claremont and serving on the Pilgrim Place Board of Directors.  In this captivating interview, Sam discusses how he came to and chose Claremont to live, what did and still drives him to contribute to the community so ardently and actively, explains and clarifies the events that led to the city's takeover of the Water District being denied and the lessons learned, and offers some foresight and timely advice - from the basis and perspective of considerable germane experience - to the candidates running for City Council and the people of Claremont in general.  Every Claremont resident will benefit from listening to this genuine and transparent interview with one of Claremont's most active and generous community members.