Claremont Speaks
Nov. 29, 2021

Interview with Yvette Hart, President of the Claremont Village Marketing Group

The Claremont Village Marketing Group (CVMG) is one of the key organizations that make Claremont's Village commercial area , and to a large degree Claremont itself, unique, interesting, attractive and a quality experience for residents, visitors and merchants.  
In this interview, Yvette Hart, CVMG's personable and articulate President, opens up about all the  creativity and effort "behind the scenes" that culminates in the first-rate events annually enjoyed by local patrons and businesses.  Yvette, a village business owner herself, understands and discusses the importance of, and the challenges to making the Village the commercial success that it is, as well as some of the goals and plans for the future.   For those who appreciate and enjoy the "Village Experience", this enlightening episode offers a peek at how it all gets done, and a chance to get to know the creative and tenacious leader of the group that makes it all happen.