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Claremont Speaks
Nov. 26, 2022

Introducing the Claremont Creative Connection; Businesswomen/entrepreneurs thriving through the power of collaboration, caring and mutual support.

Introducing the Claremont Creative Connection; Businesswomen/entrepreneurs thriving through the power of collaboration, caring and mutual support.
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Before and, especially, during the pandemic, women in the Claremont artistic and business community needed help staying motivated, competitive...and profitable.  Seeing a need, Elizabeth Preston, of Elizabeth's Art Studio created The Claremont Creative Connection; a tenacious and determined group of strong and talented women who were simply notgoing "give up" when the going got rough.  Instead, Elizabeth has brought them together to share and benefit from one another's unique talents, skills, insight and encouragement.

In this captivating round-table interview - first in a series to come - Elizabeth and many in her group of businesswomen - artists, curators, therapists, creators and more - introduce themselves, their background, the set of circumstances which brought them together and more.  They then focus on how they are prospering far better as part of the group.  Each member's story is honest, open and engaging, and shows how the group has been one of their key success factors in weathering the pandemic and succeeding since.

They each invite the women entrepreneurs in Claremont (and surrounding areas), to listen to this episode, then explore participating in the CCC, and consider the benefits of sharing your own unique skills, experience and talents.


Elizabeth Preston
Claremont Creative Connection

Robin Driscoll


Zoe Tebeau


Sonya Stump
Sonja Stump Photography

Kathleen McCall
Pomona Valley Art Association/Gallery SOHO

Stevie Gomez Blair

Gina Carlson

Lorri Angus

Angela MacArthur

Kristina Marler

Christine Franco

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