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Claremont Speaks
April 27, 2022

Is reading fundamental to recovery? Ivan Mendez, Manager of The Claremont Forum Bookstore/Prison Library Project, provides answers and more.

Is reading fundamental to recovery?  Ivan Mendez, Manager of The Claremont Forum Bookstore/Prison Library Project, provides answers and more.
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Ivan Mendez, the Manager at the Claremont Forum Bookstore was able to pause for a short but informative interview, talking about his path to becoming a dedicated and pivotal leader of the Bookstore's team, the mission and goals of the 501c charity, and discuss some of their challenges and accomplishments.  Ivan was recently featured in an outstanding article in the Claremont Courier. During this cogent, concise, yet casual interview, Ivan expands on the article's key points while bringing to life - in his own words and voice - his passion for the work he and his team do there, the contribution to the community he and the bookstore makes to the community, and how they have improved the quality of life for the incarcerated all across the country.  In addition, Ivan focuses on the Bookstore's Spring Postage Drive,an annual effort to raise funds to be able to afford the proper postage to ensure delivery of the books to the inmates. 

Ivan Mendez provides a stellar example of the first-rate contributions and high-value results those who work in Claremont's charities  selflessly make and achieve every day.  Take a few minutes to listen to his interview, then stop in to The Forum Bookstore at the far-west end of the Packing House to browse their shelves and score that edition you've been looking for at a price that simply cannot be beat - and thereby donate to their project and brighten someone's day in the bargain.  Everyone is invited to visit to donate books, enjoy their music concerts, their open-mic poetry readings, small but carefully curated art gallery...and take a minute to tell Ivan how much you enjoyed hearing him on Claremont Speaks.


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Phone:  909-626-3066

Claremont Courier Article on the Spring Postage Drive

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