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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 2, 2022

Jed Leano, Candidate for re-election to City Council representing District 4, on some of the key issues of the campaign

Jed Leano, Candidate for re-election to City Council representing District 4, on some of the key issues of the campaign

Outspoken and active, Mayor Jed Leano has spent the last four years being a catalyst for change.   Despite a full campaign schedule, Jed set a few minutes aside for this short but informative interview to cover some of the tougher questions and issues in Claremont at present; firearm safety, our approach to solving homelessness, the street racing problem  and more.   He responds in full to what others might take as fairly blunt questions.  And in each answer, one can gets a true sense of his philosophy of leadership and passion for the job.

In this episode, one can better understand what is involved in being a City Council member, learn more about the candidate and the true nature of the person seeking it.  Give this episode a listen, then contact Jed directly with questions and feedback, and mention you heard his episode here.

Last note: This is an important election, in several ways on many issues.  Regardless of whom you vote for, please be sure to VOTE.
To contact Jed Leano:

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