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Claremont Speaks
June 2, 2022

Kim Peeples, proprietor of Claremont's Vom Fass, discusses her life-path, starting and growing Vom Fass, and doing what she truly loves.

Kim Peeples, proprietor of Claremont's Vom Fass, discusses her life-path, starting and growing Vom Fass, and doing what she truly loves.

Visitors come to Claremont for a variety of reasons, including "finding what you can't find anywhere  else" - and Vom Fass, Claremont's top-rated European-style "try before you buy" grocery is a destination stop for exactly that.

Kim Peeples - the proprietor/franchisor of Vom Fass in Claremont (located just west of Indian Hill, on and facing First Street) - recounts how her path from college, through several jobs and increasingly advanced positions all worked to prepare her for being a success in her own business.  She then discusses the advantages of franchising, especially with Vom Fass, and how she gets to satisfy her passion for helping people experience, discover and enjoy products that she truly believes in and endorses personally.

Besides being inarguably knowledgeable at an expert level for just about anything in her store, she is also a smart, clever and outgoing marketer.  Case in point - KFI's Neil Saavedra, host of the weekly Fork Report show, calls on Kim regularly as one of his "go-to guests" several times a year for advice, updates on the latest in food and drink, and tap her considerable depth of knowledge on a variety of culinary topics.  Anyone interested in not only the Vom Fass offerings, but a short but informative lesson on starting your own business, owes it to themselves to give this episode their full attention.

Enjoy Kim's narrative in this podcast, then soon after stop in to see her and ask for a tour of the unique, "only here" collection of the foods, spirits and other products Vom Fass offers...

...and, of course, be sure to tell Kim how much you enjoyed her CS episode.
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Address and Phone #:
     vomFASS Claremont
    101 N Indian Hill Blvd, C2-100,
    Claremont, CA 91711

    (909) 399-0256

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