Claremont Speaks
June 2, 2022

Larkin Place - Jamboree Housing Corp.'s CDO Michael Massie and Director Danielle Latteri share the important details regarding the proposed Permanent Supportive Housing Project.

Currently, one of the "Matters that Matter Most" in Claremont is the Larkin Place Project - Jamboree Housing Corporation's proposal to build a 32-unit Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) project on a property at Larkin Park, next to Pilgrim Place, at 731 Harrison Avenue in Claremont.

Jamboree's Michael Massie, Chief Development Officer and Danielle Latteri, Director of Supportive Services joined CS to answer some of the most pressing questions asked at outreach meetings and from CS listener feedback - about the Larkin Place project.  One key to constructing a successful PSH - combining affordable housing with onsite services for vulnerable individuals and couples on very low, fixed income - is the support and inclusion of the surrounding community.  Both Mr. Massie and Ms. Latteri provide detailed answers, historical data, facts and figures while combining, in equal measure, empathy and understanding aiming to build a long-term relationship with Claremont and the project's surrounding community.  In this podcast, they explain how helping their residents achieve and maintain housing, financial stability and improved health outcomes is also beneficial to and safe for the surrounding community and Claremont as a city.

For those seeking to get their information directly from the source, Mr. Massie and Ms. Latteri answer many of Claremont's key questions, and provide a more complete understanding of the project and Jamboree's objectives, methods and success rate in the past.  A "must-listen" episode for anyone interested in this project.

Contact and information links:

Michael Massie - mmassie@jamboreehousing.com
Danielle Latteri - dlatteri@jamboreehousing.com

More information and meeting schedule:  https://jamboreehousing.com/larkinplaceclaremont