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Claremont Speaks
Nov. 21, 2020

"Let's Talk Turkey (Trot)" - An Interview with Claremont Sunrise Rotary leaders Andy Dale and Paul Henry.

Andy Dale and Paul Henry, long-time Claremont residents, local business owners, community activists and leaders of the Claremont Sunrise Rotary Club, highlight the unique, charitable and important programs the CSR supports, both in Claremont and around the world.  The engaging pair discuss this year's Claremont Turkey Trot - an iconic event that has become part of the fabric of Claremont's culture, and how it is going to be different - yet every bit as successful - in spite of COVID's impact.  Paul and Andy provide insight into how the Claremont Sunrise Rotary works (and how it differs from the Noon Club) and discuss the wide range of important, uplifting, philanthropic programs the Turkey Trot funds support in Claremont and around the world.  They summarize the Club's successes of the past and plans for the future, and share their insights into the genuine and very personal value and rewards of being CSR members. 

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