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Feb. 18, 2022

Merrill Ring, Democratic Club of Claremont's VP/Spokesperson, Discusses DCC's History, Charter, Values and Goals

Merrill Ring, Democratic Club of Claremont's VP/Spokesperson, Discusses DCC's History, Charter, Values and Goals

Merrill Ring, long-time Claremont resident,  relates his life path as an involved Democrat  and invaluable insight into the Democratic Club of ClaremontIn his own uniquely  conversational, yet candid and engaging manner, Merrill describes the events and influences on his journey as an active Democrat to this point; particularly his selection to be part of the Democratic Party (just prior to Truman's defeat of Dewey...).  He then treats the listener to a deft comparison/contrast of the seemingly subtle, yet incredibly important differences between the Democratic and Republican party perspectives and core values.

In this first episode of what will become a regular series, Merrill then turns up the light on the history, charter, vision & values, and particularly the challenges the party and the DCC face in the upcoming election and years to come.  Merrill explains the need, value and benefits to getting involved as opposed to just watching from the sidelines.  He then encourages everyone, regardless of political or social viewpoint or opinion, to take a few moments to check out the Democratic Club of Claremont, it's value to the community, state and country, and learn what it can do for you, and you for the club. 

Start changing the world locally by listening to this pilot episode, sending the link below to family and friends, then contact the club to learn more, attend a meeting, and see if it is right for you...and please tell them how much you learned and enjoyed this first of many episodes.

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