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Aug. 9, 2022

New Housing vs. Adequate Water Supply - a Choice? LA Times writer Liam Dillon offers an in-depth perspective.

New Housing vs. Adequate Water Supply - a Choice?  LA Times writer Liam Dillon offers an in-depth perspective.
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In the first of three interviews focusing on whether the objectives for more - and more affordable - housing in Claremont are a good idea, or even possible, in the face of the drought SoCal is now experiencing.  In the first of thee interviews on this topic, LIam Dillon, a star staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and (fellow) podcaster on this topic, shares the results of his investigative research into whether Southern California can continue to build more homes without a matching increase in the available water.  Liam's passion is trying to uncover and solve the big problems that affect daily life in neighborhoods, and adequate water supply being intuitively in opposition to building new homes is key among those problems.

Water supply has become one of the chief points of opposition to the construction of new homes in Claremont (and elsewhere).   Liam expands on his LA Times article "Does California have enough water for lots of new homes? Yes, experts say, despite drought" where he takes the position that SoCal can add homes and residents without overtaxing the water supply.   Liam explores the societal trade-offs, the measures everyone can take to help SoCal use water more efficiently and effectively, and the new technology available to cut wasteful consumption - saving residents money in the bargain.

For those concerned about new home construction - at every level - impacting available the available water supply to people at all levels, this series of interviews could not be more germane.  To come are two local contributors to the Courier, who also offer expanded, yet cogent discussions spawned and driven by their necessarily limited Courier articles on this topic.
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