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Claremont Speaks
Sept. 2, 2022

Newcomers Access Center's Anne Thorward, President, shares news & updates, and introduces two outstanding new arrivals.

Newcomers Access Center's Anne Thorward, President, shares news & updates, and introduces two outstanding new arrivals.
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The Newcomers Access Centeris a non-profit dedicated to assisting those who choose Claremont when coming to America, often from distressed areas of the globe.  NAC continues to work tirelessly to improve the lives of the recent immigrants and help them get started properly in their new home.   Anne Thorward,  President of the Newcomers Access Center and one of the keys to their remarkable success, was able to join Claremont Speaks to share some NAC updates and news, and to introduce two of the many new folks the NAC is assisting in their journey to secure a better home and life here in Claremont.

Anne introduces Nabila, who left Afghanistan last August with her family; and Hannah, who was able to leave Ukraine just days ago with her two daughters.  Each spends a few minutes to get acquainted, relate their experiences in coming here and their first impressions of Claremont.  Anne's short episode serves also as a reminder for everyone to appreciate the quality of life here and be welcoming and helpful to those who, given the opportunity, will surely contribute to the diverse culture and quality of the village many times over.  Give this brief but touching episode a listen.  If you can help in any way, contact Anne Thorward at the NAC.  Your assistance will be very appreciated, will serve to improve the newcomers' lives and, in turn, make Claremont all the better as well.

Newcomers Access Center (NAC)
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