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Claremont Speaks
Jan. 10, 2022

Newly Arrived in Claremont's Community? How best to become a part of it: Interview with Anne Thorward, Vice President - Newcomers Access Center

Newly Arrived in Claremont's Community?  How best to become a part of it:  Interview with Anne Thorward, Vice President - Newcomers Access Center
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Anne Thorward, one of the key driving forces behind the Newcomers Access Center (NAC), joins Claremont Speaks to help the community understand the NAC's history, functions, accomplishments and goals for the future.   The NAC, a local non-profit that helps refugees and immigrants settle in and adapt to a new and different culture, has been steadily increasing the assistance provided, and chalking up serial successes in helping Claremont's newest residents overcome the hurdles and challenges in starting a new chapter in their lives here. 

In this engaging interview, Anne discusses how the NAC and her involvement in it came about, the progress and path from the group's founding, their growth path and some of their top achievements, including being approved as a 501c3 non-profit corporation.   Claremont's many businesses, donors and volunteers increasingly provide the essentials to those arriving from Afghanistan, Syria and other war-torn countries .  Anne eloquently illustrates how the community assists with clothing, food, transportation, furniture, bicycles/transportation, teaching English and computer use, and much more.  To truly understand the new arrivals' situation and the invaluable assistance the Newcomers Access Center provides, enjoying this episode is an entertaining and engaging first step.

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