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Claremont Speaks
May 11, 2023

Ordinary Citizens Take Action: Mike Netter Shares How To Make A Difference In California Politics

Ordinary Citizens Take Action: Mike Netter Shares How To Make A Difference In California Politics
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Political activist/Grass Roots advocate Mike Netter joins Claremont Speaks to discuss key topics, including the recall efforts of Governor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney George Gascón.  Energetic, informed and interesting, his passion is to create a better political landscape for California and the "ordinary" people in it.  Mike is one of the driving forces behind the recent recall efforts of Gavin Newsome and George Gascon.  Mike, along with others, decided to launch a recall of Gavin Newsom when they noticed California was going downhill.

In this ultra-candid and honest conversation, Mike unreservedly emphasizes the importance of ordinary people using common sense and the low-cost/free data and other tools at hand to take action in order to make a difference.  He covers many of the issues California is facing, such as a lack of water, a poorly protected power grid system, crime, and homelessness; and stresses the importance of people taking action on these issues in order to continuously improve California - and particularly Claremont - and get us off the slippery slope on which we find ourselves.

Mike is the Vice Chair of Rebuild California, a non-partisan grassroots, groundswell movement. Their mission is to take action where government officials have failed the voters and citizens.  The goal is to stop looking to our government for solutions to the problems we all face and take constructive corrective action and rebuild California.  After listening to this episode, take Mike up on his invitation to explore Rebuild Californa and learn what you can do to effect the changes you want to see.

Visit the Rebuid California website

Reach Mike On:
Facebook - Rebuild California

Contact Mike at
Rebuild California
PO Box 7053
Folsom Ca 95763

Watch "Grid Down, Power Up"

Listen to Mike on KABC

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